A Guide to Winter Elopements in Iceland

The ultimate resource for planning your winter elopement in Iceland

Winter on the island is a beautiful site to see. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is for the adventurous. The winter shows a side of Iceland that is raw, real and unpredictable. It brings on a wild feeling of contrast from black rock and snow to the warmth of love and the cold of winter. It is a striking place to elope if you’re looking for something different and winter makes it even more special. This guide will help you confidently plan a winter elopement in Iceland.

The first thing that makes Iceland so great is its people. Of all the places I’ve been, Iceland has the kindest, most helpful residents. I feel incredibly safe while visiting. Currently, they are very welcoming to American tourists and you don’t need many (if any) permitting to elope there. They also speak excellent English and are more than happy to have a conversation with you.

Iceland has one main road affectionately known as the Ring Road, or Route 1, making navigation simple. The country is about the size of South Carolina, so to drive the whole Ring Road isn’t that far fetched. However, in the winter – it’s best to take it easy and take a partial trip. Come back in the summer to do the whole thing!

For couples looking for awe-inspiring landscapes for their unique adventure elopement, Iceland is for you. A knowledgeable Iceland elopement photographer will be able to help you find the right locations to capture your day. This wedding experience will be one you’ll never forget. Trust me, I eloped in Iceland in the winter!

Getting to Iceland from the United States

Flight options, airports and time zones

Getting to Iceland is pretty simple in the realm of international travel. There are multiple flights headed to Iceland from the U.S. each week with several departure points, typically on the East Coast. With Keflavik being the only main airport to fly into, this is a logistically easy trip.

Iceland is in the GMT time zone, which means they are four hours ahead of New York City. They also use military time. It’s pretty easy to adjust to. You can set your phone to display military time as well. Oh, and don’t forget your Europe converter for the outlets! 

Depending on where you’re coming from in the U.S., you’ll likely fly to the East Coast and take a red eye over to Iceland, arriving in Keflavik (KEF) in the early morning hours.

I live in Atlanta so I fly Delta to Logan International (BOS) in Boston and then Icelandair on to KEF. I usually leave Boston around 9pm and arrive in Iceland around 6am the next morning. The flight from BOS is a little over five hours, but with the time change, I feel like I lost 9 hours.

Pro Tip: Rest the first day

Because you’re losing a night, I suggest getting an early morning check-in to your hotel or Airbnb. I’ve tried just starting my day like nothing happened and you really need that morning to rest and get acclimated. Especially if you are coming from an earlier time zone than EST. You’ll thank me later. 

If you need a boost, grab a coffee from Joe & The Juice on the way out of the airport. If you’re pressed for time, try to sleep on the flight over!

Transportation: Getting to Reykjavik and Beyond

Rent a car prepped for a winter elopement in Iceland

Getting to Reyjavik from Keflavik is also super simple. For elopements, I highly recommend renting a car. Nothing says intimate like being stuck on a tour bus with 97 of your friends….wait.

Each time I visit Iceland, I rent a Subaru from Lagoon Car Rental. They’re extremely nice and helpful and I can’t recommend them enough. Lagoon is especially helpful in the winter time because all of their vehicles come equipped with studded tires. This makes driving on icy roads a little more tolerable. I get the Subaru because it’s AWD and handles the weather like a champ.

When you rent from Lagoon, you’ll give them your flight information. No matter how early your flight comes in, there will be a Lagoon representative waiting for you in the arrivals hall to shuttle you over to their office located just down the road from KEF. This is great because you know someone is waiting to help you the moment you arrive in Iceland.

Once you arrive at their office, you’ll follow a standard rental car process. They’ll give you a token for a discount at some of the gas stations (fuel is not cheap), though my personal preference is N1. These gas stations are more common in the remote parts of the country and are home to the hotdogs I love so much.

Take this time to grab some hot chocolate and ask them anything! These guys are so friendly and will answer any questions you may have about travel, places to eat or areas to visit. Take advantage of asking the locals.

When your trip is over, you’ll drop the car off and the Lagoon team will shuttle you right back over to KEF. Easy!

Why renting a car for your Iceland elopement is important

Having your own rental car gives you privacy and allows you to do things on your own schedule. You aren’t at the mercy of a tour schedule. For Iceland elopements, one of the coolest things is the amount of places you’ll want to stop and take photos. You can literally pull over anywhere and it will be beautiful. There have been times when the clouds clear, the haze lifts and for a brief moment the light is perfect. With a rental car, I just quickly hop out and grab the moment with my couples. It makes your timeline much more flexible and fun.

Pro Tip #1: Listen to the insurance spiel

When they tell you the wind will rip your car door off, for the love of all things, listen to them. The Icelandic weather can be harsh and they’re not kidding when they tell you these stories. “Hold the door!” will become a staple to your Iceland vocabulary. Follow the rules, stay on the roads, don’t be silly.

Pro Tip #2: Get the hotspot for WiFi

If you don’t have a personal hotspot like Skyroam, you can rent a hotspot from Lagoon. Unless you want to pay for international cell service (Verizon is $10 a day) get the hotspot! This gives you unlimited WiFi wherever you carry the hotspot. This helps with navigating, checking the weather and road conditions. Do the math and see which is better for you.

Getting from Keflavik to Reykjavik

The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, is the largest city in the country and more often than not, your first stop after leaving Keflavik. It’s a 45 minute straight shot up Route 41. 

The city is home to great food, beautiful waterfront views, art and culture. As remote as Iceland is, Reykjavik is definitely a bustling city.

Grab a hotel or Airbnb in the city for your first night. Make sure you can get an early check-in so that you can head straight there after picking up your car from Lagoon. Use the morning to get some sleep before an afternoon of exploring the city. Your adventure will begin early the next morning so use this time to relax.

Here are some spots I love in Reykjavik:

Depending on where your next stop is, you can grab groceries in Reykjavik. My favorite grocery store is Bonus. While Iceland uses the Icelandic Krona, almost all of the country accepts your debit or credit card. Just remember to set a travel notification before you leave the U.S. and be prepared for those foreign transaction fees if your card has them. Mine has such a small fee that I don’t mind paying it for the convenience of using my cards.

Pro-Tip: Eat the world’s best cinnamon roll

Start your mornings in Reykjavik with Braud & Co. or Reykjavik Roasters. If you’re looking for the best cinnamon roll you’ve ever had in your life, Braud is for you. You can easily locate the colorful building in Reykjavik and you’ll smell the bakery from down the street.

Driving in Winter Weather in Iceland

If you aren’t used to snow or icy roads, the thought of driving in the winter in Iceland can be super intimidating. I get it. The key is watching the weather, checking the road conditions and driving slow. Iceland used kilometers, so make sure you’re paying attention to your speed.

I usually give my couples 1.5x the time it should take to get from Point A to Point B. This means if Google Maps says it’s going to take an hour to get somewhere, go ahead and make it an hour and a half. If the weather is a little dodgy, give yourself two hours. It’s always better to give yourself the extra time to go slow, be safe and not be rushed. We’ll talk more about daylight hours and timelines later on.

Pro Tip #1: Use every second of daylight

Plan your days around daylight. Driving during the day is much safer than driving at night. The roads are generally maintained during daylight hours and the conditions are frequently updated. Plan to leave your Airbnb at dawn and return to your Airbnb by dark. If the weather is great, then you can ease up on some of the precautions!

Pro Tip #2: Use Road.is to check the road conditions!

Make sure you view hazards and road closures. They are good about updating these often. You can even view webcams on this site and they are super helpful! Making sure you have fuel at all times is also important because gas stations are few and far between in areas like the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

Winter Weather in Iceland

It’s really not that cold, but it definitely windy

What is considered winter in Iceland?

November – March

Average Winter Temperature in Reykjavik: 34º F

41º F (November) – 32º F (March)

Icelandic winters are actually pretty mild in terms of cold weather. The gulf stream warms Iceland and the country sits on a giant hot spot. New York City can be colder than Iceland at times.

The kicker is the wind. It is windy. All the time. This isn’t just a breeze, but chilly arctic gusts that can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. This is what makes it so cold. It’s also what makes the roads more dangerous so be sure to check the wind speeds before heading out.

Different parts of the country will have different levels of wind. The Snæfellsnes Peninsula for example has very high winds at times. Like all weather in Iceland, the winds change throughout the day. Sometimes you’ll feel a light breeze and sometimes you feel like you’ll get knocked over.

Good news though, the wind gives you tons of movement in your photos and you just have to let your hair go! Layers will be your best friend. It’s all part of the experience. Iceland uses celsius to be sure to check the weather in Fahrenheit as well so you aren’t surprised.

Rain and snow in Iceland

Rain in Iceland does peak from October to February with the Southern and Western parts of the country receiving the most rainfall. Further north, you’ll obviously have the most snow.

I have experienced an Icelandic winter in November, December and March and each visit has been completely different with rain and snowfall. I’ve seen tons of snow on the ground, almost no snow on the ground and a mixture of both scenarios. Below is an example of the same location, one year apart. The left taken at the end of November and the right taken at the beginning of December a year later.

Daylight Hours during Icelandic Winters

Depending on what month you choose to visit, the days can be really short. Four hours to be exact. Below are the average hours of daylight by month.

  • November: 5-6 hours
  • December / Darkest: 4 hours (Christmas + New Years Eve bring people + price increases)
  • January / Coldest: (coldest) 5-6 hours
  • February: 9 hours
  • March: 11 hours

Your photographer will need to take into account the hours of daylight when helping you build out your timeline. If there are only 4 or 5 hours of daylight, you’ll likely need to choose an Airbnb close to your elopement locations so you don’t waste the light driving.

One good thing about the short days is that you essentially have 4+ hours of golden hour. The sun never rises high in the sky and you’re left with beautiful light for your adventure elopement photos. 

Perks of a Winter Elopement in Iceland

Travel and accommodations are cheaper

Iceland is by no means a cheap country to visit. However, visiting in the wintertime gets your flight and accommodation costs down a bit. As of March of 2020, my flights from ATL to KEF in the winter averaged out to around $500.

Many of the restaurants outside of Reykjavik are closed for the winter, which means you’ll be cooking at your Airbnb. Grocery shopping and cooking at home when possible saves you a little versus going out to dinner for every meal.

You might catch the northern lights (September – March)

Out of my three winter visits, I saw them once. This was on my late November trip and I saw them up in the northern part of the country. There are many apps that help you see the likelihood of viewing the Northern Lights. There are also tours out of Reykjavik if you want to venture out after your elopement!

There aren’t as many tourists

Depending on where you are going in Iceland, the winter is a little quieter. There will certainly still be tourists, but not nearly as many as the summer months. If you’re choosing a popular location for your elopement, you’ll want to consider getting there at dawn. You can also get away from the crowds by simply walking away from them a bit.

You get to experience the adventurous winter activities

You can visit the ice caves, go on a glacier hike and enjoy Iceland’s many hot springs. My husband and I snorkeled between the continents at Silfra Ravine in Þingvellir National Park after our elopement! It was very cold, but very worth it. During the winter, you can definitely make this an adventurous elopement experience.

Here’s a great resource to adventurous winter activities in Iceland.

Locations for a Winter Elopement in Iceland

Let me preface this by saying that there are so many incredible locations for your winter elopement in Iceland. These are general regions and a few highlights along the way. You’ll work with your photographer to customize a location list that fits exactly what you want.

You could drive for an hour and pull over every five minutes and be in awe of beautiful scenery. You really cannot go wrong here. It’s more about what’s important and special to the two of you.

Since Iceland began it’s rapid rise in popularity, many attractions have changed a bit. In the heavily populated areas, safety and conservation measures have been ramped up. There are safety ropes and signs up now and some locations close during certain times of the year. At The Tinsley Co., I follow LNT practices for adventure elopements.

Another thing to consider is getting legally married in the U.S. before you head to Iceland. This way you don’t have to worry about finding an officiant that is able to get to your elopement location where you’ll say your vows.

The South Coast

If you’re looking for the black sand beaches, including the famous one at Vik, this is for you. The South Coast is also home to many of the waterfalls you’ve likely seen. The drive east down the coastline boasts huge rocky mountains on your left and the ocean on your right. The only thing that stands between you is lava fields. It is a spectacular conglomeration of landscapes.

Vestrahorn Mountain at Stokksness (6 hours from Reykjavik)

My husband and I headed to the southeast part of the island to say our vows in front of the Vestrahorn Mountain at Stokksness. It was one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been in my life. This location is on private land and requires an entry fee, but it is totally worth it. This place is the definition of epic views. It’s also pretty quiet during the winter. You’ll get mountain views, beach views and black sand. Pair that with the endless golden hour and you’re left with pure magic.

The good thing about this elopement location is that you can hit so many awesome spots on the way there and on the way back.

You can get an Airbnb in the town of Hofn and take the drive to Stokksness for sunrise. This short trip is filled with pull offs that are equally amazing. The mountains out there are extraordinary. Check out the sample timeline below for this location!

Diamond Beach / Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon (5-6 hours from Reykjavik)

If you’re looking for something a little unusual, this glacier lagoon and beach are pretty sweet. The lagoon features chunks of ice that have broken off of the massive glacier and floated down into the lagoon. Their journey continues all the way down to the beach. Diamond beach is littered with glistening glasslike chunks of ice. The blue magical vibe from this area is one you won’t see again for a while. The paths around the lagoon can get covered with ice so make sure you’ve got good shoes!

Here is some more information on the glacier lagoon.

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon (3.5 hours from Reykjavik)

This canyon looks like it’s straight out of a movie because it is. It’s been used for film and music videos (hey, Justin). This is an epic summer location. It can still be epic in the winter, but it takes on the challenging landscapes of winter in Iceland. I’ve seen it with tons of snow and hardly any at all, showcasing the rich browns throughout the canyon.

The paths can get pretty slippery so it’s best to make sure you’ve got proper hiking shoes on. Crampons or Yaxtracks help ever more! Just double check the road and weather conditions before heading out to the canyon.

More information on the canyon here.

Reynisfjara / Black Sand Beach at Vik (3 hours from Reykjavik)

This is the black sand beach you see in countless photos. While this is a stunning location, it is usually packed with tourists. You also have to be really careful of the waves here as it can be dangerous to get close to the water or try to walk east down the beach due to rogue waves. If you are wanting a black sand beach, I think there are lesser known options that could work better for you. Your elopement photographer will be able to scout out the best beach for you.

Dyrhólaey Lighthouse (3 hours from Reykjavik)

If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to pass on this one. The road up is a little…steep. Once you get to the top though, you’ll be met with a lighthouse and stunning views in either direction. You can actually see the black sand beach at Vik from this vista.

The Waterfalls (multiple locations)

There are incredible waterfalls all along the coast. You feel like you’re in Narnia or GOT with huge waterfalls spilling over the tops of mountains all around you. It’s incredible.

One thing to note about the waterfalls in the winter is that freezing temperatures, wind and water can make for a challenging location for your elopement. That doesn’t make them impossible, but places like Seljalandsfoss, where you can walk behind the falls, become a little more difficult to navigate in the winter. I’d recommend this as the last stop as you’ll likely become soaked and very cold quickly. These locations usually have a good amount of people at them because they are so easily accessible to the public.

You can also make some of these more challenging winter stops part of your adventure session the day before or after your elopement. That way you can have warmer, normal clothes on and get some shots at these waterfalls. This is the great thing about working with a photographer to figure out a schedule to make sure you hit all the spots on your list and have them captured perfectly.

You can read more about the waterfalls on the Southern Coast here

West Iceland: Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Everything on the Peninsula is within 2-3 hours of Reykjavik, however this is definitely a part of the island that is more remote and experiences high winds. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time and cushion if you choose an elopement location on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. This is all depending on weather conditions of course. 

The peninsula, much like the south coast, has endless views and places to stop and take photos. It’s much less touristy than the south coast and you’ll find you’re the only one around at times.

Hotel Budir / Little Black Church (2.5 hours from Reykjavik)

If you’re looking for remote luxury with unforgettable views, look no further than Hotel Budir. This location is a one-stop shop. Cozy nordic inspired guest rooms give you a place to get ready, serving as a great backdrop for photos. The famous black church sits right in the backyard and gives you more of a true ceremony vibe. You can come back together at the end of the night to hot chocolate and a romantic locally sourced dinner.

See how See Emily + AJ’s celebrated their adventure elopement at Hotel Budir on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

Kirkjufell / Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall (2.5 hours from Reykjavik)

Located near the picturesque town of Grundarfjörður, this uniquely shaped mountain makes for a stunning background for your elopement. It’s shape is created by your vantage point around the mountain. It will look different depending on where you stand. This is a location that is still remarkable even in the thick snow. If you’re staying at Hotel Budir, it’s a short drive across the peninsula on Route 54.

Kirkjufell sits alongside Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall. The combination of the two sets you up for a postcard moment. It has been named one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. How cool to make this your adventure elopement location to say your vows.

Read more about Kirkjufell here.

Arnarstapi (2.5 hours from Reykjavik)

This cute little fishing town is really quite in the winter time, but it’s got tons of little areas for photos. It’s also a great place to stay if you want to spend the night on the peninsula, but don’t want to pay the premium for the hotel. We stayed in this cute little Airbnb and had an awesome time. I love the picturesque mountain that overlooks the town.

Djúpalónssandur / Black Sand Beach (3 hours from Reykjavik)

This is an option if you want to avoid the popularity and crowds over at Vik on the South Coast. This beach is equally as amazing and actually offers a larger beach to roam. You’ll come down through a canyon of black rock that opens to a large beach and icy rock. You’ll feel like you’re on another planet. The contrast between you and the landscape makes for an ethereal elopement location. This location is easily accessible, though you’ll need to start off down a slippery path depending on the snowfall. Again, good shoes!

On the peninsula there are many other locations to consider such as the Snaefellsjokull National Park, multiple iconic lighthouses, sea cliffs, mountainside ravines and the tan colored sand at Ytri Tunga Beach. Your adventure elopement photographer can find elopement locations that work best for you, the time of year and your timeline.

Pro Tip: Have a backup plan!

Always have a backup plan for your locations. The weather changes in an instant and it’s good to have several options for different weather conditions. An experienced photographer will help you with these backups!

Find your dream location with The Tinsley Co.

Clothing Tips for a Winter Elopement in Iceland

Getting married in the winter comes with a little alteration to your outfits. Layering up will be your best friend here. For my brides, I suggest layers under your wedding dress. You can wear fleece lined leggings underneath like I did. You can find these in white! Depending on your dress, you can wear a few tank tops or layers under your top. If you can’t do this, find a big cozy sweater or jacket to wear over your dress. You’ll be surprised what a long sleeve dress or top can do even if it’s on the thin side.

For my gentlemen, you’ve got it a little easier. Thermals under your suit work great. Scarves and an extra coat can come in handy as well. You can hide some hand warmers in there! Your hair is going to be windblown so if you want a beanie to warm up with between photos, go for it!

For both my guys and gals, wool socks and proper shoes is key. The good thing about adventure elopements is that hiking boots and weddings attire sort of go hand and hand. You’ll want good traction while dancing around with your partner in the snow! You should also feel the freedom to wear what you want. Don’t want to wear a white dress? Don’t! Don’t want to wear a suit, but maybe a green twill jacket instead? Do it!

If your elopement photographer has experience with Iceland and cold weather, they’ll know you’ll need to take breaks to warm up between photos.

Other Wedding Vendors in Iceland

Just because you are eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t have other vendors participate in your day. If you want it to just be the two of you and your elopement photographer, great! But, if you want your hair done and flowers, that’s awesome too and we can definitely make it happen. Again, if your photographer has worked in Iceland for elopements before, they can likely help you find other vendors. Planning is included in my elopement packages and I’d love to help you put together your team of wedding vendors.

Choose your location first

Once you have an idea of your first location on the day of your wedding, you can use this to better work with other vendors. Most of the time, you can choose vendors in Reykjavik and simply take your goods with you to wherever your elopement location is. Things like cake and flowers travel well!

Choose a floral designer who designs for elopements

Choosing a floral designer who is used to designing for elopements is key. They’ll take your vision and tailor it into a bouquet and boutonniere that has hearty floral elements that will last! This means you can travel with it and not worry about it dying overnight. They’ll create something sturdy and beautiful.
My favorite floral designer in Iceland is Þórdís Z. Based out of Reykjavik, she works with eloping couples all the time. She’ll meet you in Reykjavik to deliver your florals and will make the whole experience incredibly easy. I adore her work and customer service. I encourage my couples to work with her each time I shoot an elopement in Iceland.

There are tons of bakeries in Reykjavik if you’d like to have a small cake or sweets made to enjoy together after your adventure elopement. 

For hair and makeup, Google it by the nearest town. For example, if you’re saying your vows at the black church at Hotel Budir, look at Grundarfjörður for a HMUA. They won’t be as readily available as in the states, but they are definitely there and happy to work with you!

The moral of the story is, you can have almost anything you’d like. You just have to do a little research, but your photographer should be there to help you with this!

Other Considerations for a Winter Elopement in Iceland

Figure out what matters to you

I always work through a questionnaire with my couples to figure out why they are eloping and what matters most to them on their trip. When you choose an international adventure elopement in an untamed place like Iceland, there are so many options. I want to make sure we plan something that is ideal for you. If you want getting ready photos, we’ll prioritize the morning for that and find an Airbnb you love. If you could care less, we’ll allocate more time to your first look or maybe add another location for more exploring. Elopements allow you to craft a custom day that is totally you.

Figure out how many days you want photographed

For international adventure elopements, my couples typically have me capture multiple days with them. It’s not often you’re in an epic place with a professional photographer so folks usually take advantage of the opportunity to capture themselves like never before. Work with your photographer to discuss things like an adventure session the day before or another awesome location in your wedding attire the day after. For intimate weddings, maybe you want a small dinner with family documented before. Each day is unique to you.

What does my photographer do the whole time?

This is a totally reasonable question and something you’ll work out with your photographer early on in the planning stages. It’s a personal preference between the three of you. For me personally, my couples hire me knowing they’ll be spending a lot of time with me and they are excited about that. As an adventure elopement photographer, I also serve as your travel coordinator, tour guide, timeline keeper and more.

I don’t mind sharing a rental car or Airbnb’s with my couples to make the logistics easier. We really get to know each other and I spend the trip documenting all of your moments.

If you want to get a separate car and lodging for your photographer, that is fine too! Some photographers require this so make sure to ask them in the booking process.

Be okay with change

In the end, elopement timelines, with well planned backups and locations, can be really flexible. The great thing about a two-day adventure elopement timeline is that you’ve got two dates saved for you, should you get bad weather, etc.

Iceland is unpredictable and you’ve got to be okay with change. If the plan doesn’t go exactly right, that doesn’t mean your day won’t still be perfect. Adventurous couples embrace the change and experience their day for what it is: a celebration of their love.

See Tinsley + James’ Winter Elopement in Iceland

Example Timeline for a Two-Day Adventure Elopement in Iceland

Day 1: Adventure Session + Travel Day / Reykjavik to Hofn

Wednesday, March 11: Sunrise 8:05a, Sunset 7:23p

  • Depart from the AirBnb in Reykjavik (6:00a) / Travel to Reynisfjara Beach for sunrise (8:30a)
    • 2.5 Hours from Reykjavik

  • We’ll spend the day traveling to the AirBnb in Hofn stopping at locations along the south coast.
    • Reykjavik to Hofn, 6.5 hours

  • Arrive at AirBnb in Hofn (8:00p)

  • Dinner, check for the Northern Lights, hit the hay for a big day tomorrow!

Day 2: Adventure Elopement + Travel Day / Stokkness to Reykjavik

Thursday, March 12: Sunrise 7:55a, Sunset 7:28p

  • Get ready at AirBnb (7:00a-8:30a) / First Look at AirBnb
    • 2.5 Hours from Reykjavik

  • Travel from Airbnb in Hofn to Stokksness (8:30a-9:00a)
    • 30 minutes

  • Elopement: Vows + Couples Photos (9:00a-10:30a)

  • Travel back to AirBnb, freshen up + pack up (10:30a-11:30a)
    • 30 minutes

  • We’ll spend the day traveling back to Reykjavik stopping at locations along the southern coast. 
    • Hofn to Reykjavik, 6.5 hours

  • Arrive in Reykjavik, check in to AirBnb, grab dinner + celebrate! (8:00p)

Having an experienced elopement photographer matters

It’s super important to hire someone who can guide you through the winter in Iceland. Choosing the right photographer means you’ve got all the help you need to have the wedding you deserve. Take the stress out of planning an international elopement and let them take care of it. Let them be the experts. You just show up and have the time of your life.

I love helping couples plan their winter wedding in Iceland and I want to help you too!

Ready to talk more about adventure elopements or book your own?

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