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here's where i tell you about myself and hope you love me

I enjoy death metal as much as I do weepy grandpas seeing their baby in a wedding dress. Life’s weird like that. Love’s kind of like that too. Doesn’t really make sense yet it’s the thing you are most sure of all the same.

I don’t believe in stereotypes. I don’t believe in categories. I certainly don’t believe that there is one right way to do something. What I do believe in is figuring out what you want in life and going after it at full sprint. No apologies. Your life is too short to not be doing exactly what you were made for. If that doesn’t fit into the box people try to put you in well…that’s their problem. *high five*

Alberta, CAnada

51.1784° N, 115.5708° W

High Energy

I am so excited to be invited in to your story, you have no idea. I’m here to serve you with a huge smile and a calming energy that makes you feel both safe and wild all at once. Sort of like love.

No filter

I’m down to earth. I don’t take myself very seriously. I crack jokes. Dad jokes mostly, but you will laugh a lot while we’re together. I’m sarcastic and goofy and I will run around and yell how cool you are. I’ll also get to know you on a personal level and let you in to my story. You’ll walk away thinking…”well that was fun!”

Lots of hype

I’m not going to hide the fact that I think you are the coolest person on this earth regardless of how you see yourself. I’m here to pull out the best parts of you.

Oh and I’m an Enneagram 4w3 if that stuff interests you

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A casual interview with your elopement photographer

Okay, yes I interviewed myself, but you’ll learn a lot. It'll be fun!

A great relationship with your photographer is valuable for the sheer amount of time you spend with them. From start to finish, they’re capturing your moments. Not to mention the time they’re planning with you. They should feel like your best friend, not some stranger.

Why do you love to travel?

Growing up in small coastal town in North Florida, I spent so much time outdoors. That’s all there was to do. We didn’t travel much. You just stuck with what you knew. When I got a driver’s license, I’d drive as far as I could. When I could afford to fly, I’d fly as far as I could. The culture was what I was after I’d learn some years later.

Seeing other ways of life is fascinating and eyeopening. It makes you really see people and wonder about their stories. It changes you.

Why’d you become a photographer?

To show people how immensely amazing they are. I’m empowering people to be exactly who they are on their own terms. The idea that society dictates much of how we think we’re supposed to live is tragic. I’m spreading the news that there is another way.

When I figured out I could document your best day while incorporating my love for travel and landscapes, it was a done deal.

Why do you focus on elopements and smaller weddings?

At the heart of it, it’s all about intention

I want people to stop and think about what really matters to them. My couples that choose to elope or have a small wedding typically choose to live an intentional lifestyle overall. They believe in creating memorable experiences in their life. They notice the little things as well as honor the big things. Our values align. We both love the outdoors because it connects us to something greater than ourselves and reminds us of why we’re on this earth in the first place.

i want an intentional experience

Pisgah national forest
35.8022° N, 82.3452° W

My promise to you on your wedding day + beyond

Prompts + poses that don’t make you feel dumb

Expert knowledge on how to plan your wedding day

A calm, positive attitude no matter what happens

A professional process you can trust

Photos with timeless edits you can enjoy forever

A friend that is genuinely here to help you

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Chaise Tinsley is a wedding photography mentor

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The Tinsley Co. offers mentorships for

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Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned photographer, I've got something for you. With a background in hospitality, marketing and branding, I'm here to help creatives get clarity on their business.


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Meadows at Mossy Creek Wedding

Elissa + Brent

Bold + colorful wedding in the n. Georgia Mountains

This intimate wedding was featured by our friends at Junebug Weddings

Chaise was our photographer for our engagement photos and wedding day and it was one of the easiest decisions we made in our planning process.

Since you spend so much of your wedding day with your photographer, having the right person was extremely important to us—and Chaise is just a blast to be around. Not only is she extremely talented, she was professional and FUN. We love all the memories she captured and can’t wait to hire her again in the future!

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