Meet Chaise Tinsley

The Short Answer:
As a wedding and elopement photographer, my style lands somewhere between tidy and trendy, minimal and magical. The alternative brides and rugged brands resonate with me most. I love anything outdoors and try to incorporate that as much as possible into my life and my work.

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From the smallest moments to the grandest mountains. It is all worthy of being captured.

As an Atlanta-based designer turned photographer, I’ve explored many corners of creative. What I’ve found along the way is that I adore photography. It speaks to my heart in the same way a good song can speak to our souls. I’ve always had a fascination with memories and the way they shape our feelings and decisions for years to come.

I’ve been gifted the unique task of preserving these memories for my clients. I seek out the purest moments and capture them before they’re gone. I want to see the “you, when you think no one else is watching”. The authentic, the real, the vibrant – whether it’s pretty or not. It is all worthy.

A unique background makes for a good story, right?

I have loved photography since my backyard selfie days with my bright red Kodak and over-highlighted hair. If you know, you know. I’ve got a degree in Hospitality Management, with minors in both Advertising and Tourism + Events. I’m also certified in Wedding Planning (yes, that’s a real thing). I’ve enjoyed everything from event coordination for an award-winning restaurant, to Graphic Design for an Atlanta ad agency. Having an interesting background gives me a really unique view as a photographer. Not only can I follow you around and snap some pictures, I can make sure the shoot goes off without a hitch and stays on schedule. It’s like having multiple experts in one.

I want to live the lifestyle that I promote

When I tell you that the adventure is the most important thing second to those you love, I want it to come from a place of truth. I try to get out and explore as much as possible. My husband and I eloped in Iceland and it was one of the best decisions I ever made (after marrying him). Whatever your dream is, do that. And do it unapologetically with passion and soul.

Photos from our elopement shown on this site are by the talented Donna Irene #communityovercompetition

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