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how long does it take to get my photos back? How do I get them?

How are the payments split up?

how many hours should i get? Could I really use 8+ hours?

You'll get an online gallery to download and share all of your photos. You'll get printing rights to them as well! For elopements, turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. For intimate weddings, turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. Couples sessions are 2 weeks. If you need help with any other photo products like prints or albums, I've got you!

Payments are broken into three equal installations. These are due at the time of booking, the halfway mark, and 30 days before your elopement or wedding. The first payment is the non-refundable retainer that locks me in as your photographer!

Each package is tailored to the couple. On our call, we'll spend a while talking through what your vision is and what I know from experience in terms of timelines. Elopements usually range from 6-8 hours, but couples are moving more towards making it a weekend event. Just because you are eloping or having an intimate wedding doesn't mean it shouldn't be just as detailed and meaningful!




Why are elopements and smaller weddings still so expensive?

What happens if (insert doom scenario here) happens?

Do you help me plan the elopement?

I've got back up plans on back up plans. Everything follows a super specific logistical order with safety nets around every corner. I'm happy to talk you through this from something happening to me, the weather sucks or gear fails (never has).

Heck yes I do! This is one of the best parts about being an elopement photographer and why it's so important to find someone who specializes in this. I actually have a background in hospitality (specifically travel and tourism) so planning is my shit. Think of me as your guide and photographer all in one magical unicorn.

Elopements, for me, are actually way more work than a traditional wedding. I'm typically serving as the wedding planner, stylist, travel coordinator, permit obtainer...the list goes on. I also include travel in my packages for all elopements and intimate weddings outside of my local area.




Can i have the raw photos?

i think i'm going to be super awkward. how do you deal with that?

What the heck do i wear?

Listen. You and quite literally every human I have ever photographed in my life. It's okay! Everyone is awkward in their own way. That is the beauty of capturing the human spirit. I'll guide you guys into natural poses that don't make you feel like you just stepped out of the Stepford Wives.

For couples sessions, I'll send you a 'what to wear' guide. I can also send you some of my trusty Pinterest boards. If you want to send me pictures of some options before your session - all good! I love helping you put together your vibe. I fancy myself a fashionable gal after all.

Nope. Sorry friend, this is the magic that holds the whole damn thing together! Okay, not really, but it is a huge part of my craft that I hold dear to my heart as an artist. I want you to trust me to make art out of your photos. I also won't Photoshop you into a supermodel, because you're better than that, friend. You're beautiful/handsome/perfect.


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