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photography mentorship with chaise

As your photography mentor, I'll be digging up those roots right alongside you. You've got a extraordinary piece of land that is unlike anyone else's. If you build your foundation with intent and purpose, pretty soon you'll have a home that you're proud of. A home that holds space for beautiful stories. A home that feels like you.

During your photography mentorship, we’ll take an honest look at where you’re at both personally and professionally. I’m a big believer in taking a deep dive into ourselves before ever touching our businesses.

Together, we’ll put together a blue print on how you can push yourself towards your goals in a way that leaves you feeling fulfilled and unshaken.

My hope is that you make room for clarity, flow and creativity in your life. It’s an unstoppable combination.


Georgia Peach

With a background in hospitality, branding and marketing, I’ve gained a special perspective on how small businesses can begin, thrive and expand with the right foundations to support them. I've worked with brands as big as Beverly Hills (yes, the whole city) and as small as solopreneurs like you.

After leaving what many called a dream job to start The Tinsley Co, I've been fortunate to enjoy four years of business, 100+ weddings, international recognition and a successful six figure brand. I’m here to help you lay those cornerstones.

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Content Creation + Styled Shoots

Networking + Building Community

Website Design + SEO

Organization, Workflows, Systems + Tools

Transitioning + Expanding Your Brand

The Tinsley Co.

Mindset, Purpose + Goal Setting

Planning + Pricing for Elopements

Finance + Budgeting

Going 'Full Time'

Mountain elopement in Idaho

Why you aren't just an ad set on instagram

If you've spent more than thirty seconds online as an entrepreneur, you've likely had, what I call, the '100k myth' shoved down your throat. Here's the deal. Everyone wants six figures. It's great to make six figures. But, do you fail if you don't? Of course not.

You're financial and business needs are a one-of-a-kind story. We have to first explore what a happy and healthy life looks like for you. Then we'll analyze all of your personal inputs to figure out what your outputs need to be. This is how we'll create customized goals that are sustainable and fulfilling.

Kind Words

Cait Carr Photo

Chaise is incredibly passionate about mentoring anyone who comes to her to elevate their life. Whether you’re looking to start a business or you’ve been hustling for years, her insight is a warm hug of guidance. Every moment spent with her is a step in the right direction.


The best advice when starting a new business? Build it on a firm foundation. This mentorship is for my brand new entrepreneurs. We’ll go over branding, marketing, budgeting and everything in between. This session is an intense and exciting introduction to owning a small business. We’ll cover foundational practices and strategies for finances, systems and mindset. You’ll walk away with a plan for a sustainable business.

Each foundations mentorship will start with a detailed questionnaire and current brand and web audit from Chaise.

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2 Hours / 1-1 Zoom Call


Q&A Style Mentorship

A great place to start with a new mentor, this Q&A style call will allow us to get to know each other while finding solutions that are unique to you and your business. You’ll complete a questionnaire before the call so I can see where you’re at and how I can best help during our time together. This mentor session will be a learning opportunity jam packed with information to help you gain clarity and direction. You’ll be able to ask any questions you’d like! It will also be super laid-back so have no fear.

Each 1-1 mentorship will start with a detailed questionnaire. I will also review your website and social to get a high level picture of your business before the call.

1 Hour / 1-1 Zoom Call


Mentor Minis

Tackle the problem faster, together

Mentor minis are a great way to get quick feedback and direction on a problem. Sometimes it’s incredibly helpful to talk it out with someone else in your industry. You might have an idea you want to run by someone other than your partner or your cat, ya know? During our call, we’ll get right to the point and find solutions for you to move forward with.

This is for you if you have a specific area of your business that you want intentional help with or constructive feedback on.

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Colorado Sand Dunes

Local to Atlanta? Let's meet up!

If you're local to Atlanta, traveling here, or in an area where I'm traveling, we can schedule a mentor session in person! We'll find a coffee shop and spend the morning learning together. PS - your latte is on me.


Brand Audit

This option is for wedding photographers looking to do a deep dive into their branding. You’ll start with a questionnaire to help me understand where your brand currently sits and where you want it to go. Before your mentor session, I’ll review your website, social media, and client experience to get a full picture of your current brand. During our time together, we’ll identify areas of improvement and create a game plan to build your dream brand and business. We’ll also have a follow-up call to review your homework and check up on your progress.

This is for you if you’re transitioning or expanding to adventure elopements and intimate weddings, looking to rebrand, or simply feeling stuck with your current branding and marketing strategy.

Topics may include:

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1.5 Hour 1-1 Zoom Call


Website Audit

Perfecting your digital storefront

After reviewing your website and high level business goals, we’ll spend the hour going over your website. Whether you're stuck on the design or having trouble curating images, we can get your site on track to book the clients you want. We can also work through technical issues as well.

This is for you if web design, UX/UI and SEO make your head swim. With a background in digital design, I'll help you elevate your site. I built my entire site by myself and I promise the solutions might be easier than you think!

Topics may include:

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If you've made it this far, I'm honored. As an ex-agency creative turned wedding photographer, I know what it's like to go on this crazy journey of entrepreneurship. I know how hard it is to build that house and I don't want you to have to do it alone. I'm passionate about lifting up the creative industry and I'm stoked to worked with you. Cheers to getting clear on your future!

All humans are welcome at The Tinsley Co. Whoever you are, I can't wait to meet you.

You're one step away from something special, friend. High fives all around!