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welcome to my circle of friends. we're cut from the same cloth around here.

Joining the Tinsley Tribe means surrounding yourself by like minded people. You're choosing a photographer who gets you. Rest easy knowing you can spend your wedding (and your money), your way and you've got people here cheering you on! As a couple, you're part of a bigger movement towards a more intentional wedding industry. How freaking cool.

The notes below also mean you can trust me. I treat my couples like Chick-Fil-A treats their raving fans. If you don't know what that means, come to the South and let me show you some hospitality. I believe in exceptional customer service for couple's wedding experiences.

But, at the end of the day, it's about you not me and I hope you'll want to write me a love note too.

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Max Patch, North Carolina

North Georgia

The Tinsley Co. Adventure Elopements + Intimate Weddings
The Tinsley Co. Adventure Elopements + Intimate Weddings

Bryna + Will

Jessica + Chandler

Engagement + Wedding Photography

Engagement / Wedding / Anniversary Photography

Chaise blew our expectations out of the water. From booking a horse (yes a real horse) for our engagement shoot, to coordinating our crazy family photos. Chaise went above and beyond, allowing us to focus on our special day rather than the details. On the day of our wedding, it didn’t feel like a person with a camera rolled up, it felt more like a family member that happens to be a super talented photographer showed up and captured every last detail. She’s talented, professional, skillful and most of all passionate about what she does. We are forever grateful for the memories she captured and would recommend her to anyone looking for a familytographer? Yeah that works.

There are so many reasons we keep shooting with Chaise. Besides just being astonishingly kind and attentive (she actually brought snacks to the shoot), she is a masterful scene director. If you've ever felt yourself wondering what to do with your hands (a la Will Ferrell in Talledega Nights), rest easy; Chaise is an expert and will help you piece together the scene and discover your most natural shot. No awkward grins or hands on hips in these photos, folks. She's attentive to your needs and will do whatever it takes to make your day special. I can't count how many friends have reached out to get Chaise's information after seeing her in action at our wedding. Do yourself a favor and let Chaise tell your story. She'll capture lasting moments that you'll be proud of for the rest of your life.

see their photos

see their photos

Intimate garden wedding in Atlanta, Georgia
Fall engagement session on the hiking trails of North Georgia

Couple's Session

Chaise is awesome! She has a passion for her art and does a great job making her clients feel comfortable. She will make you laugh, but is also very professional and prompt. We loved our photos. They were beautiful.

Intimate Garden Wedding

Georgia Peach

Chaise was a pleasure to work with an navigated our day with ease. In huge part thanks to her profressionalism, her easygoing demeanor and flexibility our day went very smoothly. Our photos came out beautiful and they're something my husband and I will cherish forever. I would definitely hire Chaise again.

Indian Seats Trail, Georgia

Temecula, California

Avery + Addison

Arabia Mountain

Hannah + Garret

Adventure Engagement / intimate wedding

The Tinsley Co. was amazing to work with from start to finish. Chaise is the most down to earth person you will ever meet. She was so much more than just our photographer. From our 5 AM engagement shoot to our amazing wedding day, everything was perfect thanks to her. She makes everyone feel so comfortable and really lets you be yourself in the photos she takes. She made us look like movie stars and captured our love so perfectly. Do yourself a favor and book The Tinsley Co.

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Southern California Wedding Sunset

North Georgia Mountains

Elissa + Brent

adventure Engagement / intimate wedding

Chaise was our photographer for our engagement photos and wedding day and it was one of the easiest decisions we made in our planning process. Since you spend so much of your wedding day with your photographer, having the right person was extremely important to us—and Chaise is just a blast to be around. Not only is she extremely talented, she was professional and FUN. We love all the memories she captured and can’t wait to hire her again in the future!

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Emily + Terrell

Adventurous couple's session

Chaise went above and beyond with our shoot! She scouted the best location, creatively thought out the photos and made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera!! We couldn’t be more excited about the pictures! They are gorgeous and really feel natural - not poses like some photos are!!

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