Canary Islands Elopement // Sabina + Sergio

Earthy and free-spirited, this golden elopement on La Graciosa will have you booking your flights to the Canary Islands. The island is pretty quiet in the winter time giving you plenty of options for an intimate elopement. Whether you want dramatic beach views or rugged volcanic mountains, this island has something for you.

Sabina and Sergio had a two-day adventure at Caleta del Sebo as well Playa La Francesca. The island is very small so you can easily get to spots that are perfect for saying your vows. You can travel by boat or Land Rover if you want to venture outside of the main town of Caleta del Sebo. You could even spend the evening on a sailboat together if you’d like. The opportunity for exploring the island is endless for a Canary Islands elopement.

If you’re opting for an adventure session before or after your elopement day, you can literally walk out of your house and find beauty in any direction. La Graciosa is an elopement photographer’s dream come true.

For more information on planning a Canary Islands Elopement, check out my location guide!

Day 1: Caleta del Sebo

We started out walking through the town. The contrast between the sandy roads and the white and blue buildings makes for an ideal backdrop. I loved that every once in a while kids would race by on their bikes. Other than that though, it was a really quite afternoon.

You can literally walk out of the tiny town right into a vast golden landscape with a volcano in the background. If you want to go further out, you can take an old Land Rover! At sunset, everything is bathed in this dreamy glow. La Graciosa is known for its sunsets and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Day 2: Playa La Francesca

You can take a boat or a Land Rover to easily explore other parts of the island. Different areas will give you a slightly different look and feel to your photos. No matter what location you choose for you elopement, I can promise it will be rad.

Here’s that famous Canary Islands sunset! Followed by a little fun with the Land Rovers to end the day!

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Big thanks to the Wolves for this opportunity!